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What Types Of Cakes Can You Have For A Christening?

Daryl Nelsons August 30, 2017 Foods Comments Off on What Types Of Cakes Can You Have For A Christening?
What Types Of Cakes Can You Have For A Christening?

Christening a child is an important event and you will want all of your friends and family to be in attendance. However, the proceedings do not just stop after the christening of your baby or toddler has been performed.

You can commemorate this special occasion with a custom made cake. Not only will the cake be delicious, it will also help you to treasure some special memories of the day.

What types of cake can you have for the christening?

  • Fruit cake
  • Chocolate cake
  • Vegan-friendly cake
  • Lactose intolerant-friendly cake
  • Lemon cake
  • Carrot cake

Some of your guests may have special dietary needs that will be taken into account by the company that is making the cake. For example, some people may be intolerant to lactose and some people may not be able to process gluten. The cakes can be made accordingly. Everyone is going to enjoy them thoroughly.

Cake For A Boy

You might want a cake for a boy. Traditionally, the colour of the christenings cakes for boys has been blue, but you can choose whatever flavour and colour of the cake that your heart desires. This is a chance to try out some flavours that you have never tried before. Your guests will be glad that you have chosen such wonderful flavours.

The cake can be decorated with traditional items that are associated with boys or you might want something else entirely.

Cake For A Girl

You might need a cake for a girl. Traditionally, the colour of this cake has been pink. You can choose any colour and flavour that you want. Your exact specifications will be taken into account. People will be extremely pleased that they are able to eat a

Gender-Neutral Cake

Instead of a cake that is along the themes of a boy or girl, you might want something that is more gender neutral. The specifications can be given to the company and then they are going to make sure that they get the cake that you would like.

Spelling Out Names On The Cake

It is important that the names of the people who are being christened end up on the cake. You will be able to select the style of the lettering from lots of different samples. This lettering should be large enough so that all of the guests can read it when they are getting a slice of cake for themselves.


Choosing a cake for a wedding might require some assistance because there are a lot of designs and flavours that you will be able to choose from. The design can be made to your exact specifications and the flavours will be balanced perfectly so that everyone is going to remember the cake that they ate at this particular christening.

You might want a cake that has an overtly religious theme or you may require something that is much more neutral. It is up to you.

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