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Using A Vacuum Sealer In A Commercial Kitchen

Daryl Nelsons June 17, 2016 Restaurant Comments Off on Using A Vacuum Sealer In A Commercial Kitchen
Using A Vacuum Sealer In A Commercial Kitchen

Any kitchen is unimaginable without some of the appliances; one such important appliance is a vacuum sealer. A professional or a commercial kitchen is incomplete without a commercial vacuum sealer. However, if you are someone who buys food items in bulk or fruits and vegetables when they are in season, or if you are one of those who like to increase the shelf life of food items, then a commercial vacuum sealer is for you.

Types of vacuum sealers

There are mainly two types of commercial vacuum sealers with its own place in the commercial kitchen types – the nozzle sealer and the chamber sealer, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.


  • Nozzle style sealer – is well known for its speed and it can be easily controlled by the user using a foot pedal. It can be pre-programmed to control settings. They are usually utilised to vacuum seal solid dry food products like coffee beans. They are more affordable and portable.
  • Chamber style sealer – are slower, costly, less portable and heavy duty. They have the capability to seal more than one bag at a time. They can be used to seal liquids as well.

Benefits of a commercial vacuum sealer

  • Portioning – A vacuum sealer can be used to portion food effectively as it reduces costs if the portions are too large. Everything can be portioned and sealed; once they are defrosted they can be utilised immediately. Anything and everything like fresh or dry fruits, vegetables, meat, and poultry can be portioned using the vacuum sealer.
  • Storage – Food must be stored using a commercial vacuum sealer for liquids, proteins or solids to be intact. The food is stored airtight; without any leakage in a freezer or into a drawer.
  • Reduces disposables budget – Plastic bags are expensive in comparison to the sealing bags over time. Using the commercial vacuum sealer is more cost effective for everything that needs to be stored in sealing bags rather than plastic bags or zip lock. They are safer too since the bags used in the sealer are BPA-free and thick in comparison to the plastic bags which are easily disposable; however, not easily decomposed and are environment-friendly.


  • Avoid freezer burns – Sometimes you may have noticed frost over some food items after it was stored at the back of the freezer. This can be avoided by using a vacuum sealer. In general, if the food is edible, frost can spoil it; it may not taste the same and you will want to throw it away. However, when it is properly vacuum sealed, frost will not be able to get inside keeping the food tasty and nutritious.
  • New methods of cooking can be incorporated – Using vacuum sealed bags one can easily try a new method of cooking called Sous vide cooking. In this method, vacuum sealed food can be placed in boiling water to cook slowly, retaining all flavours, vitamins, taste and freshness.


Commercial grade vacuum sealers are indeed a must have in every commercial kitchen, especially, when there is a wide variety of food to be stored. The Nozzle type is better with solids, portable, and affordable in comparison to the chamber style which is less portable.

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