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The Best Way to Get Free Delivery Beef Jerky Near You

Daryl Nelsons October 3, 2016 Foods Comments Off on The Best Way to Get Free Delivery Beef Jerky Near You
The Best Way to Get Free Delivery Beef Jerky Near You

Whether you are hosting a football party with your friends or planning on hiking on a back trail for a weekend of adventure, there are some situations that simply call for good tasting beef jerky. But if you have ever tried the various beef jerky packets you see at the local convenience store, you know there is a big difference in the various types of jerky and just how fresh they are when you buy them.

While the whole idea of beef or any type of jerky is that it is meant to keep for ages and be easy to carry, that doesn’t mean it has to taste like shoe leather. While the best beef jerky might not be nearby, how do you get free delivery beef jerky you will actually want to give to your friends? Here are some tried and true ways to find the best quality of beef jerky and make sure it is available in time for that next big event.

Search for Free Delivery Beef Jerky Online

Of course, in today’s world of everything you could want on the internet, the best and first place you should be searching for beef jerky delivery is online. The wonderful thing about how Google looks at your search is that if you put in free delivery beef jerky in the search engine, it will show you all kinds of sites that offer beef jerky.

There is even a Jerky of the Month club listed. If you click on “shopping” it will show you individual beef jerky packages that you can order online. If you shop Amazon on a regular basis they may even ship it to you for free. Of course, we can’t attest to the quality of the product, but you will get it delivered. Soon they may even be able to drone deliver it to you within an hour!

Make Jerky at Home

Of course, if you make the jerky at home you can be sure of it being good quality and you don’t have to worry about the delivery charges. You don’t even need a food dehydrator to do it, drying it in your oven at a low temperature for several hours will deliver great homemade luscious beef jerky that also gives you bragging rights with your friends. The trick to making it at home is to buy a cheap cut of meat, cut against the grain for even strips and marinade before you dry it. If you use two different marinades you can end up with two kinds of beef jerky to wow your friends with when you are done.


Make Friends with a Cowboy

Now, I don’t know if this is possible these days outside of perhaps Texas, but I am betting any self-respecting cowboy has some jerky around he can deliver to you. If you recall your Western movies, when the cowboys would gather around the cookie for a bit of dinner after a long day on the trail they would always have a bit of beef jerky to see them through until dinner time.

In fact, they might have softened it up a bit before they ate it by putting it under the saddle of their horse. Might give it a bit of a horsey smell, but then cowboys probably couldn’t tell the difference after spending a week on a horse, with neither of them taking much of a bath during that time. So ask any cowboy you know if they could perhaps deliver some of that horsey beef jerky to add some authenticity to your next get together with friends. I am betting it will be a real conversation starter.

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