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Surprising Snacks Rich in Protein

Daryl Nelsons November 26, 2016 Cooking Comments Off on Surprising Snacks Rich in Protein
Surprising Snacks Rich in Protein

Many of us find that we are running in circles trying to get everything done and often running out of time to grab a meal. In this hurried and busy world, picking out what to grab for that snack on the run can be a question of convenience. But we also want to be sure we are eating healthy and getting all the nutrients we need to keep ourselves going.

Protein is one thing we need to keep our bodies strong and is often lacking in the typical mid-afternoon snack of coffee and some type of sweet or bread. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some easy ideas of snacks for a busy afternoon that will provide that needed protein and not take forever to fix.

Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwiches

Yes, the old standby when we were a kid is still a great way to have a snack mid-day that is pretty healthy too. This is especially true if you substitute a healthy seven grain bread for that traditional ordinary white bread most of us think of when you mention a PB and J sandwich for a snack.

For another change from tradition, why not use almond butter or cashew butter instead of the old fashion peanut butter for your sandwich. If you make sure that the jam is low in sugar, then you have a tasty treat that is good for you and will give you some quick energy mid-day.

Beef Jerky

There are many types of jerky out there and they aren’t all the salty dry boring kind we think of when we say the word beef jerky. In fact, if you look around you can find some very tasty turkey jerky or buffalo jerky that is low in salt, delicious to eat and will give you that long slow build of energy that only a pure protein can deliver.

Whatever you may remember of jerky from your camping days, today’s homemade style or the kind you find in a health food store is a far cry from the ones you remember grabbing near the cash register at your local convenience store or gas station.


The folks that can tuna have come up with some pretty cool ideas with the little snack sized cans of tuna that are ready to eat. While you may want to snack on these right out of the tin, they are also great with crackers or spread upon some great tasting local bakery sourdough bread. Many of these come with an assortment of flavors to spice up the tuna or you can go for the old fashion regular tuna. Either way, be sure to check the label to make sure it was sustainably caught.

Homemade Trail Mix

I love dried fruit and nuts but am not always crazy about the trail mix I see in the store. That is why I buy the nuts and dried fruit I like separately and then create my own version for snacking. If you have a local store that sells this type of thing in bulk, you can stock up on your favorite dried cherries or pepper flaked cashews and then mix up your own trail mix in a jar for mid-afternoon snacking. Add in some seeds as well to give you that extra boost of trace elements we are all craving and you have the perfect snack, and cheap as well!

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