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Have Fork, Will Travel

Daryl Nelsons May 31, 2017 Foods Comments Off on Have Fork, Will Travel
Have Fork, Will Travel

Are you fond of travel, great foods and fine dining?  If so, then you should make plans to take a trip to some of the world’s truly great and recognized capitals of quality dining and cuisine.  There are certain cities that are world-renowned centers of international cuisine that a person should have on his or her “bucket list” to visit and explore.

These locations are often a nation’s prize exhibit when discussions of culinary art, creativity and enjoyment arise.  In the United State the city most frequently recognized is New Orleans, the center where a unique fusion of regional and ethnically influenced styles and ingredients has combined to produce one of America’s signature styles of cuisine.  Other great centers include San Francisco, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Nairobi, Naples, Brussels and Paris.  There are tour guides and brochures that publish the tastiest cities of the world, list the food or cuisine that makes that city outstanding, and name a few restaurants as places to visit.  A trip to these centers of culinary art are highly recommended by any serious food expert.  One can use a Groupon coupon to save on travel costs to these locales by booking travel on Emirates Airlines.  They service these and many other world-recognized centers of quality cooking and culinary experience.

Groupons are so versatile, you can plan your trip, literally while up in the air.  All you need is your smart phone, or other wireless device to select the city and purchase the ticket.  Before you land in one city, you can work out the details of the next visit.

Any visit to a center of fine dining must include an opportunity to see and experience some of the unique regional cuisine and the source of that region’s ingredients.  For example, one cannot visit the Riviera without taking the opportunity to taste the wines or sampling the fusion of meals found only in a city like Nice or Marseilles.  A visit to Spain should include visits to olive groves, wineries and the towns where seafood is caught along the Mediterranean coast.  When you plan your epicurean vacation journey you should take the time to identify and list those sites that you believe are essential to your particular taste and interest.  Than use your Groupon coupon to schedule your transport via Emirates to those cities that you’ve included in your list of “must tastes” to visit and explore.  Then you should be ready to take off and enjoy dining from the first departure to your return home.

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