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Full Service Catering Leads To Exceptional Guest Satisfaction

Daryl Nelsons July 20, 2016 Catering Comments Off on Full Service Catering Leads To Exceptional Guest Satisfaction
Full Service Catering Leads To Exceptional Guest Satisfaction

When you are planning an event at an off-premise, to entertain your guests’ full-service catering is an excellent option. A professional caterer can take care of every aspect of the meal and make sure that the guests’ receive good food, service and special attention. The level of complexity in planning any event rises with number of people attending it.

If this is the first time you are planning an event, such as a wedding, an engagement, or a corporate function, here a few things to consider:

Delicious Food – The highlight of every event is good, delectable, delicious food, prepared fresh or prepared to serve. Foodservice companies offer pre-planned popular foods as menus. These are adjustable based on preferences and any requests. You may want to add several course meals for your guests depending on the event you are hosting, to include salads, entrees, and desserts.

Drinks – All kinds of drinks including beverages and margarita are on the catering company’s menu, so you can choose the drink you would like your guests to enjoy during the event.

Rentals – Many full-service catering companies rent chairs, tablecloth, table, silverware, glassware, napkins and everything else required to make the event a success. This will include plates, forks, knives, and salt & pepper shakers and light for an open farm style event, along with tents and linen, centerpieces, decorations, music, everything will be present at the event.


Venue – Most professional catering companies can recommend a list of venues to match the event including the ones they own.

Serving Staff – Venues do not offer serving staff, while the full-service caterers provide table service and catering professionals at a cost.

Service Level – The level of service, the catering company provides must be reliable, with reputed vendors, and serving staff. The full service catering service provider ensures the servers dish up, clear the used plates and silverware, serve appetizers and drinks to the guests, and help clean up after the event. The catering service providers may bring their own equipment for a BBQ or any other service selected.

Event coordinator – Experienced event coordinators can be of assistance and implement planned events including the decoration, seating arrangements, food, music, dance, lighting, flowers, and vendors. The coordinator coordinates guests, shows them a table, ensures they have a pleasant and an enjoyable time, while taking care of the events nitty-gritty’s.

The coordinator pays attention to detail like color of the table linen, napkin, centerpieces, flower arrangements, and other decorations like lighting, including table layout. The design of the event depends on the event conducted, as the details are ever-changing and endless.

Coordinating the event is quite an overwhelming experience and it is possible to over-think or under-think of an event. A good catering company offers flawless service for every event to include – food, drinks, venue, decorations, rentals, staff and coordinator.


Full-service catering company will take care of preparing food, setting the table, serving the food and cleaning everything after the event. They offer an excellent solution to host any event with great food, service and an enjoyable atmosphere. It is helpful to hire full-service catering professionals to take care of everything as they are novice planners.

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