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Catering with Cupcakes Could Make a Wedding Amazing

Daryl Nelsons May 8, 2017 Catering Comments Off on Catering with Cupcakes Could Make a Wedding Amazing
Catering with Cupcakes Could Make a Wedding Amazing

More and more, cupcakes are beginning to be found at weddings across New Zealand and there are more than a few reasons behind this rising trend. After all, cupcakes are absolutely delectable and their hands-free nature coupled with their cute appearance can impress any types of guests. Once you try bringing a luxury cupcake catering service to any party, it will quickly become clear why you need cupcakes at the next wedding event.

Cupcakes can be found at many wedding receptions due to many attributes of the desert and some brides and grooms even choose to replace their conventional wedding cake with the smaller pastries. Once you decide how far you want to go with your cupcakes, you have only to choose from a variety of flavours and start having fun with your guests. Those enjoying the sweets will adore the concept while having plenty of reason to be thankful for the treat.

Easy Serve

To accommodate everyone and ensure that all guests get to have a taste of delicious sweet during their stay at your reception, cupcakes are the easiest option. With a cake, most serving estimations are vague, describing a certain type of cake as serving as few as 12 people or as many as 20. With a cupcake, you can assume that one is a full serving for a single guest and then order the number of cupcakes that corresponds with your expected number of guests.

Not everyone in attendance will choose to have a cupcake, making it possible for some to come back for seconds, and as long as you have one per guest, you have no reason to worry that some will not get the chance to partake. Party catering with cupcakes is also highly cost-effective, meaning that you can get the amount of cupcakes you need without emptying your food budget all at once. This should help you ensure that every guest is offered at least one cupcake without worrying how far the cake would spread out.

Simple Dining

If you plan to have just a cocktail reception, eating cake while standing and mingling with other guests can quickly become awkward. Guests will be forced to choose between the treat and their drinks and often forced to stand next to a table to accommodate both without spilling. Cupcakes can be eaten using one hand and are far easier to consume. Even at a sit-down reception, guests report that they prefer to have cupcakes because they can be easily moved to another table for further mingling.

Quick Serving

Rather than having someone on hand to cut, plate, and then pass out slices of cake to a waiting crowd, cupcakes present themselves. You need only put them out at the appropriate time and allow guests to pick and choose as they wish. This should not only allow you to enjoy more of your time having fun with friends, family, and your new spouse but it should also open up the door for others to have a more comfortable time while exploring the many high points of your reception.

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